IFTA in minutes, not days.

Whether you’re a driver or fleet manager, compliance should be simple.
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Early 2023

MetaFuel Card

Fully automated IFTA compliance.*
All the modern fuel card benefits. Use it anywhere.


Administrative controls.

No fees or minimums.

Automatic IFTA Compliance.

See our Integrated TSP’s
IFTA Has Never Been Simpler.

MetaFuel Cloud

We integrate directly with your existing Telematics to offer a streamlined reporting experience.

Completely automate your IFTA with the MetaFuel Card.

Just download the report when you need it.

It’s that simple.

Don’t have telematics?

Digitize IFTA in minutes.

No more receipts

Snap a photo of your receipt and upload it to MetaFuel. With the MetaFuel Card, IFTA is 100% automatic. Just download the report.

Real-Time, Always.

Data Streaming

By integrating with your TSP, trip data is automatically aggregated in real-time.

Always in the loop.

Alerts & Automations

Trigger custom alerts with your fleet’s data and get notified when it matters most.

Early 2023

Remote Diagnostics

Get real-time data on your fleet’s health, and see what’s going on with your vehicles.

Mid 2023

MetaFuel One

A better way to manage all your fleet’s costs.

Mid 2023

MetaFuel One

A better way to manage all your fleet’s costs.



Flexible & Transparent
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