Our Vision

After months of brainstorming and soul searching, we’ve finally found an alias that encompasses our long term vision - to fuel the future of transportation & logistics through data and automation.

What MetaFuel?

When you think of fuel, you probably think of diesel or other hydrocarbon blends—that liquid gold guzzled into the atmosphere in exchange for uptime.

Zoom out a bit. At a high level, MetaFuel is the digital intersection of the people and processes keeping your fleet on the road.

We’ve realized how game changing a strong connected network between a fleet and its internal teams can be. Suddenly compliance can be automated. Everyone’s always in the loop through event driven notifications. The firehose of telematics data you’ve had for years begins to expose inefficiencies and savings. Decisions become smarter—and faster.

You’re finally able to focus on the important stuff.

The best part about all of this, though, is that the processes that keep your fleet on the road are malleable and the people making it happen can adapt to improve those processes. They drive this industry forward, regardless of the energy source powering the vehicle. They just need the right tools for the job, and to be able to put those tools to work easily.

This is why we think these pieces of the puzzle are so important. Interest compounds. Your employees, the tools they’re enabled with, and the many processes that keep your fleet on the road—these are the things that will continue to drive uptime for decades to come.

Building The Future Now

The reality is that the technological and regulatory landscape is set to change faster than ever, and evolving for a sustainable & data-driven world is critical for the future of fleets.

As applications of IoT, machine learning, and AI continue to prove their value, it’s inevitable that the future of trucking will be driven by automation and data analytics. Fleets will be aggregating and applying every ounce of vehicle data to best inform decisions. If your fleet still runs off of excel sheets and manual processes, it might be hard to imagine that this reality isn’t too far away.

Some even say the data-driven future is now.

But the point is this: These paradigm shifts that define the future of trucking will inevitably leave behind the fleets that are unable to adapt. Applying your data is difficult without complex tools and the knowledge to process it. We need smart software that helps us do this, but change is hard—so make it easy. And still, the market lacks intuitive, connected data tools that make this possible.

For an industry that is truly the backbone of our economy, we found this disturbing, and took matters into our own hands. We’ve dedicated ourselves to making MetaFuel much more than just a smart fleet platform. It’s a partner for change—a step in the right direction—so fleets can power the world today and 30 years from today.